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Paws Custom Pet Foods is a family owned and operated pet food manufacturer with locations in Redmond, Washington and Darby, MT. Our goal is to make whole foods diets available to all pets so they can have long healthy lives.

Cooking4Canines As the name implies, we spend most of our days cooking food for our dogs. Our fully prepared frozen diets are the ultimate in convenience. They are nutritionally balanced diets made
from all natural premium grade meats and vegetables. There are no chemicals & preservatives, they are non-gmo, grain-free, and by-product free. Our diets are designed to be clean, simple and nutritionally complete.

Cooking4Canines RX Diets Does your dog need a special diet? If so, we can help. We custom tailor diets to meet the unique needs of your pet. Whether they suffer from allergies, IBD, acid reflux, pancreatitis, cancer, adrenal issues, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, or kidney stones, there are specific diet considerations that are proven to help. Commercial prescription diets are made with poor quality ingredients that will not achieve their full health potential. Give them the best chance at recovery with a nutritious whole food diet that's designed just for them!

K9 Food Balancer - DIY Homemade Meal Maker Kits Make the perfect homemade dog food yourself. These easy to use kits mirror our ready made diets. Everything is included except the meat & water. The gently air dried vegetables are complimented with all of the essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids you will need to complete your dogs homemade diet. In just minutes, you can make delicious food right in your own kitchen.

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Organic Turmeric
Our Price: $9.95

20g of organic turmeric will supplement 20lbs of fresh food. Assuming your dog is consuming 1lb daily, they will get 1g of a very high quality organic turmeric in their diet each day. This is sufficient, if not considered a high dose of turmeric and will provide very good anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory support with very few reported side effects. Other than occasional allergies or dislike due to it's strong smell we rarely encounter this issue unless a dog is already showing appetite issues. In this case, you should start with a third to half the amount.
Baked Turkey & Veggies
Baked Turkey & Veggies Dog Food
Our Price: $13.50

Turkey is a very mild, low fat meat that's generally well tolerated by dogs with a history of pancreatitis or digestive upset from higher fat diets and anxious dogs (thanks to it's naturally high levels of tryptophan). Turkey is not as common in commercial dog foods and for that reason, can serve as an economical "novel" protein for dogs with allergies. Combined with being grain-free, non-gmo, and having all natural ingredients, this is one of our most popular core diets.
Baked Chicken & Veggies
Baked Chicken & Veggies Dog Food
Our Price: $13.50

All-natural free range chicken breasts & thighs combined with a delicious mix of veggies makes this food one that your dogs are sure to love! If you're new to buying whole food pet foods, puppies do well with chicken as a starting point. It's easier to digest than beef and a bit higher in calories and fat than turkey.

Baked Beef & Veggies
Baked Beef & Veggies Dog Food
Our Price: $13.50

Grass fed beef is naturally loaded with Omega 3's and vitamin E and lower in fat than conventionally raised cattle. It's a more affordable red meat option to our naturally raised lamb, but with just as much of the rich red meat aroma to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. While beef is common for human's it's less common in mainstream dog foods making it a good, inexpensive candidate for a "novel" protein diet. Not all dogs digest red meat well so if your dog has chronic gastrointestinal issues, they might do better with one of our poultry or rabbit based foods.
Paws Joint Mix
Our Price: $31.50

Our joint mix contains enough of the following ingredients to supplement 20lbs of fresh food - (dosage assumes a feeding amount of 1lb daily). Organic turmeric (1000mg), organic zeolite (500mg), glucosamine sulfate (375mg), chondroitin sulfate (250mg), and MSM (150mg) - 46g per kit
Paws Digestive Mix
Our Price: $31.50

Our digestive mix contains enough of the following ingredients to supplement 20lbs of fresh food - (dosage assumes a feeding amount of 1lb daily). Probiotics & enzymes (500mg), organic ginger (300mg), DGL (300mg), marshmallow (200mg), slippery elm (100mg), and aloe vera (50mg) - 29g per kit.
Paws Liver & Kidney Mix
Our Price: $31.50

Our liver & kidney mix contains enough of the following ingredients to supplement 20lbs of fresh food - (dosage assumes a feeding amount of 1lb daily). Organic turmeric (500mg), organic zeolite (500mg), organic milk thistle (500mg), organic dandelion root (300mg), and organic hawthorn root (200mg) - 40g per kit
K9 Food Balancer - Supplements Only
Our Price: $31.50

Do you make your dogs food and need help ensuring that it's nutritionally balanced? Maybe you're looking for an easier way to source your supplements? Either way, we can help.
K9 Food Balancer Low Oxalate Formula
K9 Food Balancer - Low Oxalate Formula
Our Price: $61.94

K9 Food Balancer's Low Oxalate Formula will give your dog the best possible nutrition for his unique needs. We use high quality protein in slightly lower amounts than our core diets, it's naturally high in moisture, rich in minerals including potassium, low in oxalate containing ingredients and we use a form of calcium called calcium citrate that minimizes the availability of calcium that can bind with oxalate acid to form these stones in the first place. In less than an hour per week and just dollars per day, you can make enough food to feed your average 15-20lb dog for two weeks.
K9 Food Balancer Low Protein Formula
K9 Food Balancer - Low Protein Formula
Our Price: $61.94

K9 Food Balancer Low Protein Formula was formulated to include sufficient amounts of protein to maintain a healthy large breed puppy while still containing low enough phosphorus levels for our dogs with impaired kidney function. Combined with a lean quality meat, our dogs with liver, pancreatic or other digestive issues will also find optimal health with this nutritious homemade low protein diet. Depending on your meat selection, this diet ranges from 25-28% protein (DM) and contains the bare minimum amount of essential phosphorus determined by the AAFCO for All Life Stages.