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Whole Foods for Pets
Whole food ingredients are the healthiest option available to create nutritious meals for dogs and cats with allergies, intolerance, IBD, kidney disease, liver disease, pancreatitis, struvite crystals, oxalate stones, uric acid stones, cancer, diabetes, malabsorption, working dogs, and large breed puppies.

We offer 7 primary custom options in frozen or make-at-home kit form. All options can be made with your choice of protein: These include our Low Purine Formula, Low Oxalate Formula, Low Protein Formula, Healthy Dog Formula, Limited Ingredient Formula, Ultra-Limited Ingredient Formula, and a High Protein Recovery Formulas.

With so many options, we think everyone will find the perfect solution for their pet.

There are dozens of reasons to feed your cat or dog a whole food diet.
Here's a few for starters:

Stronger immune system

Fewer allergies and better control over allergies that may already exist

Better joint health

Fewer diseases such as obesity, cancer, and diabetes

Shinier coat and less shedding
Control over the ingredients used

Whiter teeth and better breath

Better digestion and smaller stools

They will love meal time!!

Our Philosophy on canine nutrition is simpleā€¦ we absolutely 100% believe that feeding whole foods is the single best thing you can do for their health! That's because a whole food diet will optimize their immune system so that they can naturally ward off disease.

A whole food diet is made with real human grade cuts of meat verses heavily processed meat meals. It contains real vegetables and in some cases, fruits. Cooking does not degrade the nutritional properties of whole foods. Nutrients that may leach out into the water during cooking are simply reabsorbed and remain in your food. Not only is cooking your dogs food safer, your dog is likely to enjoy it more and benefit from it more. Cooked food have higher protein density and most vegetables are more easily digested if they are cooked.