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Paws Custom Pet Foods specializes in whole food diets for dogs and cats. Whether you feed your pet our core or specialized diets, you can feel good knowing that we only use only the highest quality ingredients possible. Our foods contain no gmo ingredients, grains, fillers, preservatives, bones, or poor quality meat scraps. Instead, we use a combination of all natural USDA and free range meats & veggies, human grade supplements, and unrefined cold-pressed oils to create the healthiest pet foods possible. We offer customized diets for a variety of special needs including kidney and liver disorders, epilepsy, cancer, trauma recovery, pancreatitis, IBD, and allergies. All of our products are formulated to meet the nutrient requirements recommended by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for All Life Stages.

Want to make your own food? We can help with that too. K9 Food Balancer is a quick and easy solution for making nutritionally balanced homemade dog food. Our kits contain the recipe, air dried veggies & supplements and you add the meat and water. These kits create delicious food in minutes for your healthy or special needs dogs.

We're more than a pet food store. Ask any of our clients and you'll hear about our exceptional level of support. We're here to improve the lives of as many pets as we can. Having decades of experience with dogs and cats nutritional needs, health care, behavior and general care, we see ourselves as an information resource to help our clients be better informed pet parents. With so much conflicting information available on the internet and elsewhere, it can be terribly frustrating to figure out fact from fiction. We care and want to help our clients navigate through these murky waters. We educate our clients rather than sell them our ideas. They trust us, become a part of our "Paws" family, and when they have questions or concerns about their pets, we're frequently the first call they make. While we specialize in animal nutrition, our passion for our pets is limitless.