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Getting Started with K9 Food Balancer

If this is your first kit with us, Congratulations! You’ve made the most important decision of your pet’s life to feed them a nutritious whole food diet. The following tips will help you to make the best preparation choices for your dog’s food.

It's simple - cook your veggies, water and meat, cool to room temp, and then add the supplements.

Kit Preparation:
Our kits are color coordinated by protein level. Orange for low protein, blue for moderate protein, and green for high protein. Each option contains 2 or 3 supplement packs that map to the 8lb and 10lb instruction options. The yields of each kit vary so be sure to follow the correctly colored instructions for your kit on the back of your bag. There are two columns for each; one for a 2lb recipe and another for either an 8lb or 10lb recipe depending on your kit. You can make the entire bag at once if you wish but will need a much larger pot than the 10qt pot called for on the instructions. Look for the total yield amount of your kit on the front of your bag. NOTE: Sample kits are 1/2 or the normal sized kits.

Choosing and cooking meats:
When choosing your meat, select human grade, lean options that don’t exceed 15% fat so that your dog’s food isn’t too rich or fatty. If you don’t have that option, or aren’t sure, then cook your meat separately and discard the excess fats before adding to your cooked vegetables. Fatty meats will yield less actual meat. Use the final cooked weight to complete your recipe.

Cooking your vegetables:
You will still cook your vegetables in the amount of water that the recipe calls for; even if you cook the meat separately.

Adding the supplements (foil pack included in your kit):
If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for your food to cool to room temp, you can add 1 tsp of supplements to every pound of food served at the time of feeding. Just store your supplements in an air tight container and they will remain fresh for up to a year in a cool dark location. No refrigeration necessary.