Whole foods for healthy pets!

Paws Custom Pet Foods specializes in whole food diets for dogs and cats. Whether you feed your pet our core or specialized diets, you can feel good knowing that we only use only the highest quality ingredients possible. No fillers, preservatives, bones, or poor quality meat scraps. Instead, we use a combination of all natural USDA and free range meats & veggies, human grade supplements, and unrefined cold-pressed oils to create the healthiest pet foods ever made. We make all of our foods in small batches to ensure that they are properly measured, mixed, and packed. Careful consideration goes into every ingredient we use and each recipe is thoughtfully considerate of your pet’s individual needs.

All of our products are formulated to meet the nutrient requirements recommended by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for All Life Stages. Buying Paws Custom Pet Foods gives your dog and cat the best nutrition available today.

Want to make your own food? We can help with that too! K9 Food Balancer is a quick and easy solution. Just add meat and water and cook for 20 minutes to create delicious dog foods in the privacy of your own kitchen. Visit us at www.cooking4canines.com for more information about our kits.

Please place your orders online. We are a manufacturer in Redmond Washington and do not have a retail outlet. All orders are placed online and delivered to our clients via UPS.